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 KIPPERTOOL® Industrial Division is a global leader in providing custom tool solutions, tools, tool kits and asset management that will work in extreme environments including natural disasters, power outages, and planned maintenance outages. KIPPERTOOL also brings the same quality and performance to military and industrial OEM's and MRO's that has been provided for the military and defense divisions for years. We work with our customers to provide creative tool and RFID solutions for specific needs to increase productivity and control internal costs.

Vendor-Managed Tool Systems

The Challenges of Turbine Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls The combustion turbine business is booming – both in the U.S. and worldwide. According to Forecast International, gas turbines will equip the majority of new power plants in the next decade. From 2012-2021, over 12,000 new gas turbines are forecasted to be installed [1]. The growing market for combustion turbines and steam turbines in U.S. and worldwide represents a significant market opportunity for organizations or teams that maintain, repair, and overhaul these machines. The annual costs to maintain, repair, and overhaul gas turbines are projected to double in the next ten years from about $8 billion to $16 billion [1]. For these organizations, operating productively and efficiently provides important competitive differentiation. For owner/operators that conduct these activities using in-house crews (e.g., generation companies and power producers), this growth places pressure to enhance productivity and efficiency during outages, which can cost as high as $1 million per day in lost generation revenues.

One of the best ways to organize tool systems uses a tool locator guide that includes part numbers, quantities, description, and warranty information (see Figure 4). Mylars provide an outline of each tool to facilitate return of each tool to its appropriate storage bin/drawer. All systems should be supplied with CNC routered color foam inserts to securely hold tools and provide easy inventory. As part of the solution, organized periodic testing, inspection, and repair/reconditioning of applicable tools is necessary to help ensure regulatory compliance and safety.

The solution should be applicable to generation companies or power producers that provide repairs and overhauls using inhouse crews, as well as outage and repair organizations. The vendor should be able to apply its methodology to re-integrate existing tool systems or to deliver new turnkey tool systems.

The vendor should be able to provide a tool system/solution that is particularly tailored to each of the primary combustion turbine models, including GE Frame 5 & 6, GE Frame 7FA and 7EA, and GE Frame 9 gas turbines. Applicability should also extend to a variety of steam turbines from GE, Siemens, Alstom, and Westinghouse, as well as various generators and balance-of-plant equipment.

To aid tool asset control, the solution should offer the option to paint or laser etch company names/logos and MAP 2D barcode matrices on tools to avoid inadvertent tool loss.

The Benefits of a Managed Tool System

Properly engineered and maintained tool systems enhance tool procurement productivity and enhance worker productivity during repairs and overhauls.The latter can reduce outage length and hence, reduce outage costs, improving the bottom line. Such tool systems can help rapidly ramp up new divisions or crews.

This approach also reduces the footprint of the tool system, enabling easier use, especially in space constrained urban environments. Another byproduct of this approach is reduced tool system transportation costs. Enhanced accountability and control of tools/assets helps ensure foreign material exclusion. This potentially avoids very large costs from machine catastrophic failure. Use of a single vendor for the tool system simplifies the process of ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing workplace safety. Hence, the approach reduces both operating and regulatory risks, as well as enhances corporate image and reputation.

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